Afterlight Story hall


(Chill slice of life/relaxation/happy Roleplay - No adult themes - PG rated)

PLEASE NOTE: THIS is not a food venue where you will be waited on.

This is an RP Gil (free) event. Real gil tips are appreciated but not expected.

Lavender Beds - Ward 24, Plot 27

Balmung Server

Current open times: 

Wednesdays (open twice a day)

8-10 AM CST

7-10 PM CST

Welcome adventurers, travelers, scholars, story seekers! Come join us for the Afterlight Story Hall and hear daring tales of adventure or life and share your own! Stay and listen. Bards and other performance acts (PG ONLY) welcome to perform on our open mic stage!

Contact: Inxli Ijinixxi


In the center of the Story Hall we have the open stage. Every event is open mic! So if you're a bard and would like to come perform please stop by! All performances are appreciated!

Feeling a bit hungry? Help yourself to the delicious mole sandwiches and Ishgardian cocoa provided fresh every event! 


To the right of the Story Hall you will find the book nook. These comfortable high-class chairs surround a fire pit that gives off delightful atmosphere for reading. Or perhaps you have scholarly meetings? Come sit, grab a book, read and visit in this comfortable corner.


To the left of the Story Hall you will find an indoor campfire setting! The Adventurer's Rest corner is set up to simulate a campfire around which you can rest in comfort and tell your daring tales of adventure to like-minded individuals!

((Please note: This event tends to draw sprouts, please make spoilers vague.))

Your Host: 

Inxli Ijinixxi


The host of the Storyhall. Bringing you friendly company, ears to listen, and Ishgardian cocoa as  you come rest and share your tales. Also, the leader of The Afterlight.



Reckless Ijinixxi


Bard, privateer, Limsa Lominsan, and Inxli's husband and partner in crime. 

Usually around in the evenings..


Thorne Bitterclove

(Balmung & Zalera)

Inxli's phurble farming, Costa living, mole-sandwich making, retired adventurer father. 

Usually around in the mornings..