Afterlight Wanderer's Lounge & Cafe

A cozy, comfortable, and relaxing cafe/lounge for travelers or adventurers to stop and rest, have a good meal, friendly company. Come enjoy a relaxing time and trade your stories of adventure or daily life. 

(Chill slice of life/relaxation/happy Roleplay - No adult themes - PG rated)

Lavender Beds - Ward 4 - Plot 16

Balmung Server

Current open times: 

Wednesdays (open twice a day)

8-10 AM CST

7-10 PM CST

-----We are an RP currency only establishment, however if you enjoy your time and would like to tip real gil we are always appreciative (but not necessary, the rp and company is our reward!) ----

Contact: Inxli Ijinixxi


Now hiring - servers, cooks, undercover guards, door greeters. 

(Please note! We are just starting up so at this time we have NPC servers. Please use the NPC at the counter to order your meal. )

((While Inxli makes a point to stock most common foods and drinks available on Eorzea (and sometimes beyond) and you may ask for anything from the NPC vendor that will facilitate your character's RP, here are a few house specialties.))

House Specialty Menu


Fairy Puffs

Delightfully dipped rolanberries in bright pink and white designs.


Colibri Eggs

Rolanberries dipped in a hard candy shell and served in a decorative nest.


Fresh Rolanberry Ice Cream

Freshly made deliciously pink rolanberry ice cream!


Pink Delight

Rolanberry milk served with two freshly made pink and white sugar cookies.


Rolanberry Macaroons

Delicious macaroon cookies made with rolanberries and cream!


Pink Romance Cake

A specialty cake designed by Inxli for the most romantic of occasions, or maybe you just like pink and flowers...that's okay too.


Taste of Pink

The pinkest of the pink! Amazing pink bubbly champagne made exclusively for Afterlight Cafe by master Limsa brewers. 


Warmest Memories

Hot Cocoa imported from Ishgard with beautiful pink heart-shaped marshmellows.


Mole Sandwich

It might not sound like the most appetizing thing in the world but our master Mole Sandwich expert, Thorne, may be the only person on Eorzea that can make mole taste delicious! Try one today!